Interactive Digital Wellness Kiosks
More than just a digital screen.

Benefits of Messenger

Capture your audiences’ attention by combining your digital screens with hand sanitising. Monetise your floor space and engage your audience all while promoting wellbeing and raising revenue.


Promote wellness and give a positive perception of your venue


Offer convenience to customers and employees for cleanliness


Reduce infection rates especially in high content areas like gyms, healthcare facilities and schools


Easy to maintain hand wash is easily replenished and screen content simple to manage


Captive audience engaged when using the hand sanitiser


Up-sell and cross sell on floor ideal POS marketing platform


Higher content recall 58% advertisement recall rate


Brand awareness & advert perception 45% brand awareness lift & 65% positive advert perception


Real time content updates via 3G and WIFI


All content in HD – static or video with audio options

About Messenger


Messenger is a high-impact interactive digital display that delivers engagement and reach to your customer and staff. Messenger allows you to promote relevant messaging in your establishment, up-sell and cross-sell products and services and generate advertising revenue from your floor.

Features include:

  • Simple to maintain: hand wash is easily topped up.
  • Simple to use: touch free dispensing of hand wash.
  • Update from anywhere: control the content from anywhere with a web based system.
  • Load content without developers: a CMS drive web system means non-technical users can load video and image content.
  • High definition display with audio: show static images, video and audio content all from one platform.
  • Easy to install: Wall mounted or floor standing options.


 Messenger offers several purchasing and partnership options for the interaction digital wellbeing kiosks.  Bespoke packages may be available.

    If you want to completely own and control the airtime on your sanitiser, then the 3-year rental is for you. Giving you complete control over the content displayed.  Easy to maintain the MESSENGER rental package is ideal for businesses that want to maximise brand consistency and on-site sales.
    This 50-50 partnership is perfect for networks and establishments that want to promote owned content but also want to monetise MESSENGER. By paying for 50% of the up-front costs, you get 50% of the airtime, while IDS will promote paid for content during the other 50%  - allowing you to generate income from the platform.
    The fully costed model is ideal if you want the units for free and a share of advertising revenue.  This option is fully managed with no airtime ownership.


To find out more about the MESSENGER or to arrange a meeting with one of our consultants, please contact our team.

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